25th July 2019

The Power Pitch & Commercial Photography, Is It Still Necessary?

  25th July 2019

  From 7:30 am until 9:00 am

  Havercroft Ln, Darrington, Pontefract WF8 3BP

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  • Speaker:
    Simone Robinson

The Power Pitch

Who wants more clients and sales in their business? Wouldn’t it be great if every time you introduced yourself, and your product or service, people ‘bought’ you straight away? Often we have a great idea to start out in business, we have a great product or service that we think everyone needs, or we realise that to grow our business we need to grow our network, but, we often struggle with presenting our ideas, or we may lack confidence when speaking in front of others. What you say, how you say it and even how you look - they all play a part in whether you stand out and get the sale! This why you need to learn to Power Pitch - the importance of a Power Pitch, and the key elements of a Power Pitch so that you can always be closing.

About Simone Robinson

Simone is passionate about coaching and empowering people to discover their potential, take control and create a life that fulfils their purpose as well as their dreams. Her clients benefit from over 25 years of corporate and business experience in retail, direct sales and service based industries, giving her a unique blend of skills in coaching, leadership, presenting, sales, training, team building, operations management, and customer service, combined with qualifications in coaching, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy® and hypnotherapy. Despite her successful career, 5 years ago she realised that something was ‘missing’ and that if she wanted something wanted different, she had to make it happen. She stepped out of her comfort zone, quit her job and embarked on a journey of self discovery and development. This included successfully using her skills, knowledge and experience to build a profitable domestic cleaning business, employing 10 team members within 18 months. She now coaches entrepreneurs and corporate professionals, through speaking engagements, one to one programmes and group sessions, with particular focus on speaking, pitching and presenting to accelerate sales, and is currently developing online courses too

Commercial Photography, Is It Still Necessary?

In a world of camera phones, apps and filters, where everyone is a photographer, is commercial photography dying? I believe it’s as alive as ever, so let me try to convince you why you should employ a professional and why not all photographers are the same.

About Simon Kirk

Simon Kirk, founder and photographer at ActualPixels. I’m a commercial photographer / videographer with 11+ years experience in the creative industry. Having previously worked for Dell, HP, EDS and MOD to name a few, I love technology and fully exploit IT to help produce a quality product.