26th July 2018

The Truth About Stress & Emotional Intelligence

  26th July 2018

  From 7:30 am until 9:00 am

  Darrington Golf Club, Havercroft Lane, Darrington, WF8 3BP

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The Truth About Stress

A lively presentation dispelling with the many myths about stress, cutting straight through to the heart of the matter, so you can start managing your stress and take back control.

About Kate Thorpe

As an international Therapist and Stress Management Coach, Kate is deeply passionate about creating and supporting the transformation that occurs when stress and anxiety are overcome. She works with individuals 1:1 or in groups, both face to face and online, whether in bespoke therapy, live training, or via her signature Stress Management Solutions Skills for Life Program (an online intensive course in personal stress management). In addition, Kate works with businesses and organisations, delivering workshops and presentations on all things stress management, and consulting on the firm's Stress Management Strategy. Kate has worked with clients throughout the UK, the USA, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. A solicitor in her previous career, Kate’s extensive corporate experience adds a uniquely practical and empathetic dimension to her work. Her interactive Training Programmes and Workshops are based on real life experience and examples. Topics covered include How to Beat Workplace Stress, Stress Management Solutions - Skills for Life, Presenting with Confidence, The Sound Sleep Strategy, and Effective Assertiveness, to name a few. An accomplished Public Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Therapist, Kate enjoys sharing knowledge and information on all aspects of stress, and anxiety management. She offers a free coaching session which can be booked here.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is widely recognised as a key differentiator of success in (and out of) the workplace.  The ability to perceive and manage your own and others emotions has implications for how you manage/lead people, work as part of a team, build and develop relationships, deliver customer service and much more. This presentation will help you understand what EI is and its underlying competencies.  We will explore how it can be developed, and share some case studies that show the business benefits of increased EI.

About Shirley Ficken

Shirley Ficken is an Independent Leadership Coach/Consultant working with organisations, teams and individuals to improve performance and motivation through a variety of tailor-made development solutions.  She has a background of 25 years in Financial Services in a range of Learning and Organisational Development roles.  Shirley has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Business & Executive Coaching and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology, and seeks to bring a balance of support and challenge to the people and organisations she works with.