23rd August 2018

Workplace Health & 10 Tax Saving Tips For Small Business Owners And Their Employees

  23rd August 2018

  From 7:30 am until 9:00 am

  Darrington Golf Club, Havercroft Lane, Darrington, WF8 3BP

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Workplace Health

Workplace Health is a growing area of interest amongst employers who are recognising the benefit of having a healthy work force. We recognised that we weren’t doing it very effectively in Wakefield and developed the Wakefield Workplace Wellbeing Charter which has continued to grow and develop with Businesses in Wakefield. Karen will talk about the Wellbeing Charter and how businesses can work towards a healthier workforce which will bring benefits to the business and the individual employees, also cutting sickness and costly absences

About Karen Dawson

Karen originally worked in the Catering industry as  Chef and later retained as an Environmental Health Officer  specialising in Environmental Protection and after 12 years in the job she took on the additional role of Workplace Health Coordinator within the Health Improvement Team, where she has been for the last 3 years.

10 Tax Saving Tips For Small Business Owners And Their Employees

Ian will offer practical advice on steps that small business owners can take to keep their tax liabilities to a minimum without involving complicated tax avoidance schemes which will bring them to the immediate attention of H M Revenue & Customs. The plan is that the tax savings are achieved not only with minimum effort from the business owner, but also that they understand what is happening and why certain transactions must be done in a particular way to achieve the tax savings.

About Ian Vogan

I am Ian Vogan from Vogan Accountancy Limited. I am a Chartered Accountant and also a Chartered Tax Advisor. I have been practicing in the Wakefield area of over twenty years. Vogan Accountancy Limited is based in the centre of Wakefield, but living  near Pontefract I am keen to help local businesses in the 5 Towns area and we already have a number of successful clients in the Pontefract and Castleford areas. The business is what is called a general practice, we do all types of accountancy work for clients. We operate a payroll bureau for small businesses who can pass the aggravation of regular payroll routines and reporting to us whilst the owner  works on their business. We also provide bookkeeping services for some clients as well as the usual preparation of accounts and tax returns for individuals, partnerships and limited companies. We offer tax planning and business growth advice and tailor all of our services to the specific client needs. We are registered auditors so we can also deal with larger companies but we also work with business start-up situations and most of our clients are local family businesses.